fredag 6. september 2013

My second huntingtrip

With Pernilla finishing her PhD-thesis, and me (finally!) finishing my labwork, we gathered we had a good reason to go out hunting in the weekend! This time I got lucky enough to get a ride with Pernilla and her boat out to Coles Bay =) And, together with Eike and Rasmus, we got to borrow a cabin for a night. Kristin tagged along, and we went out hoping for the blessings from the hunting Gods.
At least we got blessed by the weather Gods! It`s been a very grey and wet summer in the Arctic (last part of it I escaped to have an wicked vacation in Germany! Got a propper summer there!), but the day we headed out was sunny, no wind and good sea conditions. Perfect trip-conditions! After arriving the cabin, having a nice lunch, we got ready to get out and seek some reindeers. Also looking out for some geese, but instead we found 2 x 5 flocks of fat ptarmigans! To bad ptarmigan-season hasn`t started yet. The Arctic fox was lurking by too, but I didn`t get a photo of him, he was too quick.
After abit of hiking, not spotting mroe reindeer than the tracks on the ground, we finally did find some animals. The first ones we saw was at a neighbouring plateau, and we started moving over when we discovered one young male and a larger buck grazing in a side-valley. We tried to sneak over closer, and they thought they were moving further away form us, when they suddenly stood right infront of us (40+ meeters away) at the top of the plateau!
and I caught my second reindeer :) after a short picture-session, I parted up the animal and me and Kristin carried Comet back to the cabin.
The beautiful weather kept up, and we had a stunning view while hiking back! After getting the cabin nice and warm, and everyone back safely, I served the "catch-of-the day" with honey-fried red onion, chantarels, juniper, creamed potatoes and home-made lingon-jam :)
The next morning Autumn was making sure we hadn`t forgotten about him. Still lucky with the weather though, ocean was mirror-flat and little wind! But you can definitly feel the sting in the crystal clear air. Summer is definitly over, and autumn is covering the landscape. Still, the birdcliffs are green enough to look like a rainforest! (at least through Svalbardian eyes!)
Well, meat for the winter is succesfully gathered! I´ll be going back to my office-desk soon trying to somehow finish my thesis. But! Now there`s fresh snow on the mountain-tops! And evenings are getting darker! I am so looking forward to see the stars and the aurora again :D Winter is coming!