mandag 29. juli 2013

Enjoying summer with my parents!

My parents only stayed here a few days, but I feel we got alot out of that time :) We`ve been enjoying some of the nice weather that showed up, getting out for a few adventures, and me and mom had to celebrate this little "sumemrvacation" with strawberries and champagne! Cause even though it was only 3,5 days, it felt like a little vacation from my work! The also brought quite a few things home for me, which is much appreciated, but now I really feel I`m starting my last (probably) semester on Svalbard. I just hope I manage to finish my thesis with some sanity left! (Well, there`s not really much left already!) But; Thanks for the visitt mamma og pappa! Thanks for all the great food, and thank you for coming to see me! And (always!), thanks for all your help and support!

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