lørdag 20. juli 2013

Bringing Highschool students out in field

What would be the point of science if we can`t engage people in what we`re doing? Better yet, why not engage the people who can make a change? :)

We brought students from the local Highschool out in field, to show them how we work, what we sample and why.

After beeing out on such a beautiful, sunny morning, we brought everyone back to the lab to have a closer looka t our catch. In the benthic dredge we caught plenty of barnacles, sea urchins, hermit crabs, red calcious algae, some seaspiders, and plenty of kelp! But with the help of stereomicroscopes, I did manage to convince them that plantkon can be cool; the samples were full of different larvae, which basicly looks like space-ships and aliens ;-)

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