fredag 17. mai 2013

Hipp hurra for 17. Mai! :D Norways National Day :D

Gratulerer med dagen alle nordmenn! :D

 Happy Birthday Norway!

 I always enjoy celebrating Norways National Day/Constitution Day in Longyearbyen! This year I did not get to see the band play the National anthem at Huset, I was busy preparing the Champagne Breakfast for my friends =) Thanks to everyone who helped out it, turned out to be a great feast! (And thanks to Greg who brought me fresh strawberries!!) This year we were not so lucky with the weather; not too cold (around -1 degrees), but alot of wind! And snow! But of course, that does not stop Norwegians from joining in the parade! :D


So even though it was quite stormy and chilly, we all stood by for the speaches, the greetings from Barentsburg, and to sing our National Anthem!


Oh, and the barnacle geese are back! They must be pretty confused about arriving in a snow storm! After the speaches and song, we headed up to Svalbardhallen to enjoy cakes, icecream and entertainment, together with the rest of Longyearbyen =)

I don`t have my bunad/Nationa dress on Svalbard, but the nicest thing I have up here is the medieval dress I bought in Germany last summer. It was great fun dancing with the wind in such a dress!


Then there was a cold white-out walk back to Nybyen, to enjoy the rest of the feast and relax :)

Now I´ll be gathering my strength and put my brain towards creativity, as tomorrow will be the kitchen-to-kithen party! I`m super-excited about starting the decorations, and see what other kitchens come up with! :D