mandag 22. april 2013

Trollsteinen! And testing new skiis!

So, now that I`m done with this semesters exam, it was time to celebrate and get outside. What way to better do that than skiing up to Trollsteinen? :D Especially with my new skiboots (Thanks for helping me get them Terina!!), and new skiis! (Takk for bidrag mamma og pappa!!) After several days of blue skies, it started to get abit cloudy again. All the clouds did however was making Larshierta and Nordenskiold abit more dramatic. On top of Trollsteinen, we still could enjoy some sunshine before descending down again. Both me and Henrik were testing out our telemarking-skill on our new skiis, wich ended up with a few spectacular falls x) Luckily, most of the snow on Larsbreen in still soft, so with every fall came a wave of laugther! The next day, Benny turned up on my doorstep with a snowscooter packed with skiis! I got towed up Longyearbreen, and we were hunting for some wind so Benny could kite, but ended up telemarking down to Fardalen a few times instead! The snow conditions were absolutly perfect for telemarking! I was so excited, I didn´t really want to leave!

Revision-break --> Sun and Nordenskioldryggen!

Well, we can`t only be indoors, reading, working and preparing for the exam... Especially not when it`s sunny and still snow outside! Me and a few classmates went up to Platåfjellet and got a nice surprise hearing all the little Auks! :D The birds are back on Svalbard! And walking in constant sunshine, we couldn`t really help but smile =) or strike a few poses outdoors ;) I think we definitly needed to get out and about, just enjoy the view and appreciate were in the world we actually are!