torsdag 14. mars 2013

Scooter trip! Barentsburg, Coles Bay, Rusanova-cabin

As a final "Svein Tore & Ida Helene"-adventure on Svalbard, we arranged a snow scooter trip! Since there`s safety in number, and good memories are made better with more friends, Henrik anr Petr joined too =) We were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny, not too much wind, and good driving conditions --> makes Ida Helene a happy camper! Since last time I was in Barentsburg, there`s been quite some changes. Several building-facades were painted, fixed and "modernized". Wich, righ now, makes the contrast betwee the un-used buildings even greater. We had a look in the Pomor-museum, inside the Church, and visitted the hotell for abit of rest and food =) Henrik speaks Russian, and Petr is from Russia, so they translated alot of the signs for us :) and helped us order in the hotel x)We had some Russian soup in the restaurant/bar, I can`t remember the name, but it was really tasteful :) The hotel bar had so much things for sale this time! So I just had to use the opportunity to buy some Russian sparkling wine, chocolate and beer to bring home :) In the souvenir-shop alot of hand-made souvenirs are for sale. There must be some very talented people in Barentsburg, for the paintings were amazing! After getting warm and resting abit, we continued along the sea route to Coles Bay. Abit to the East of Coles Bay there`s a cabin with a combined museum; The Rusanov museum. This cabin was build by Vladimir Alexandrovich Rusanov, a geologist (and former democrat rebel!) and Arctic explorer. After a spectacular trip in amazing Svalbard weather, we returned to Longyearbyen in twilight =) This was a perfect scooter trip, and an amazing ending to the adventures of me and Svein Tore! :D I`ve enjoyed every minute of your visit, I`m so happy for all our brilliant moments together! I hope your stay brought you as much happy memories as it did to me! :D Can`t wait to see you agian and reminiscent about every trip and private joke! ;D Thank you for bringing me the crazyness I miss from home!! =D

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