torsdag 14. mars 2013

Sarkofagen and Larsbreen ice cave :)

"When in the Arctic..." of course, we had to reach a small mountaintop aswell. While hiking up to Sarkofagen, I finally got to greet the Sun! =D After seeing her disappear, being completly gone leaving the polar night behind, and then teasing with a few rays in the horizon, it was great to see her above the mountaintops again! :D And after enjoying the view, it was time to dive deeper into the ice; experience the ice cave :) Since Svein Tore is here to visit me, and I want him to epxerience both Svalbard in itself and my life here, I also had to take him to kayakpolo =) And just incase scaring him with our rough game wasn`t enough, I had to brag abit more ;-)

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