torsdag 14. mars 2013

New course, new fieldwork :)

So, now that Svein Tore have left me (how could you?!) and I kind of took my Easter holiday with him, I need to get back to work! At the moment I`m doing another course at UNIS, this time studying pollutants in the Arctic ecosystem. The course will focus on different animals in the Arctic, but we are collecting material to investigate pollutants in snow bunting. So we went out to Adventdalen to look for nesting-boxes, and collect feathers =) Some types of pollutants will be found in the proteins in feathers, and this sampling is a non-disturbing way of collecting data. The snow bunting (aka "the sign of spring!") has not arrived yet, so we were visitting old nests. As you can see, the weather wasn`t the best, but neither the wors either; at least we didn`t have any wind! It was actually too warm (it`s only -15 outside now!) walking around in the suits and scooter-boots! But it was nice to be out, slowly moving from one old rope-way rack to the other, looking for nests :) and we got a ride with the belt-wagon, wich I haven`t done since 2010! Still a noisy but fun experience =P

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