torsdag 14. mars 2013

My best mate from home came to the Arctic! :D

I finally got Svein Tore to Svalbard, hurra! :D And after about a week of -24 degrees and heavy wind, it cleared up to beautiful weather the day he arrived :) So after quickly unpacking (and getting gifts from home, thank you! =D ), we hiked up to the mine. We even found a reindeer along the way, so our adventures got a good start^^ The first days I had some classes, so Svein Tore occupied my office while working on his own thesis :) But we had enough to do in the evenings, hanging around with my friends, even got to join a stone-rock/metal festival wich was part of the Sunfeast! The sun has been getting closer and closer to town latly! It`s getting so bright outside! On the day of the Sun`s return, I had to go to classes, but I "kicked out" Svein Tore so he could join the locals welcoming the sun back =) And inbetween my classes we went to the museum, were I gave him a lecture on the history of Svalbard and the animal life in the Arctic =) (guess wich topic got most attention :-P ) Quite alot to see and do his first days here! Of course we dropped by Friday Gathering before getting ready for an adventorous weekend!

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