torsdag 14. mars 2013

Longyearbreen glacier and Longyearbyen town :)

Of course I had to bring Svein Tore out on a glacier! And now that Martin is back in the Arctic, but for the first time in winter and light-conditions, I had to bring him out aswell :) We wanted to check the morraine cave of the glacier, but it was completly snowed in! But we were out to enjoy the weather, the fresh air, and finally being abit outside, so we continued to hike up on the glacier. Happy campers! Always good to end a hike with warm food and warm drinks :) And of course we had to do abit of picture-hunting in town (after all, Svein Tore is a tourist :-P )! At the church, we found the memorial stone for a lost member during the tragic incident of 22 July. An incident that affected the entire country, and the loss of the people are well represented by this carved stone and the empty space in it. Inside the church, a few people was gathered for a unofficial small concert by a visitting pianist. Getting warm, watching the twilight cover the Arctic while listening to Bach, Schubert and Grieg was an experience in itself!

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