mandag 4. mars 2013

IceBreaker 1993 :D

So, to start celebrating UNIS 20th Anniversary, the theme of this semesters IceBreaker was 1993! And I have to say, people were again amazingly creative in finding a theme-fitting costume :) We had a bunch of people from different movies from that year, we had 90`s training-outfits, lykketroll, powerrangers, grunge-people, babies/toddlers, and computer-chips. Me and a friend put a lot of effort into our costume; 90`s puncks! And thanks to Erlend`s sister, we got hold of a few stuff from the mainland to complete the outfit! After cutting our hair, colouring it, destroying some clothes, making accesories, and using alot of hairspray, I got very pleased with our costumes! We even won 2nd place! Creds to everyone making the IceBreaker happen! Dinner and desert was awsome, decorations amazing, drinks great, games fun, and the music was way 90`s (need I say more...). Great job everyone! It was a great break from the lab! :D

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