onsdag 20. februar 2013

Christmas and new adventures

Yes, I know, it`s a while since Christmas! But I didn`t get a chance to update earlier, my last weeks on Svalbard before the Holidays became very busy :) But, I anyways jsut wanted to show that Christmas did happen here :) Can`t really think of a better place to be during Christmas, the 24 hour darkness just makes the Christmas lights and decorations stand out more clearly! The postbox for the ("Santa/Father Christmas") Gruve 2 nissen was of course in place, so people could put in their wishlist :) We got really lucki in town when we litted the Christmas tree; just before lighting it, while waiting in excitment, some amazing Northern Lights came dancing above the three! It was amazing to stand there, still having Christmas carols tuned in our ears, a cup of warm chocolate, waiting for the lights, enjoying the dance in the sky :) Before leaving for home, I decided to make some Christmas feeling in Nybyen. Sill having the three my parents brought up form our Christmas Holiday on Svalbard, I gathered a few friends to decorate it! Just before reaching home, I had a small trip to Tromsø where I got to say hello to the whales! Orcas and humpbacks where feeding on the herring in the fjords, it was amazing to see the huge animals!

But after a short Christmas Holiday with my family at home, and a trip to Canada to visit friends and fellow Svalbardians, I`m back on Svalbard :)

 So far, I´ve mostly been in the lab or stuck in my room with a heavy cold. So haven`t gotten to get out, enjoy the snow and the amazing landscapes yet. But! before getting too weared down, I managed to help out at the Polar Jazzfestival and enjoy some great concerts! The highlights beeing The Great British Ukulele Band, with their British Humour and amazing coversongs on ukuleles, and of course Sivert Høyhem and his magical, melodic voice that find it`s perfect place in a stary night in the Arctic :) The lokal rock badn Howlin Huskies was also a great way to end the festival! And for those who heard that the Norwegian Queen opened the festival, I did not get to say hi to her :-P

 And, since two friends of mine, Achana and Prasad, are awaiting a baby, we tried our best to make the best possible Indian babyshower for Archana! And of course we had to dress for the occasion :-D Lorna was performing her excelent dance-moves, and most of us were trying to keep Archana happy and cover her in as much flowers and smiles we could! best wishes for the new life to come! :) And congrats to Sunil for his newborn baby too!

 Yes, the Arctic is actually a productive place ;)

So, not so many outdoors adventures yet! but winter is not over! Hopefully there will be some more snow, so I can get out skiing soon! And now the sun have risen above the horizon and mountaintops! Haven`t greeted her welcome yet, as it`s been cloudy. But I am looking forward to get out in sunlight! Will definitly miss the stars and the twilight, so I have to enjoy the last bit of it! So I hope I will be able to put up some amazing pictures from Svalbard winter-time soon! I have enough friends coming up for courses to get some excuses for getting out ;) and hopefully I will lure more people form home up here as well! :D Can`t wait to March and having a legendary time with Svein Tore here!!! but, if you want to see more amazing pictures form here, check out my friend Stuart`s page :) He makes some truly amazing photos!
 So, to a new year of adventures! =D
 Now, back to work and try to focus! Lot`s to do!
PS: Thanks to Alexey, Carl and Prasad for letting me put out their pictures!

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