onsdag 5. desember 2012

Dark and amazing!

Svalbard is yet again covered in beautiful snow and the stars are shining ever so brightly! and yes, it`s dark here now, but that doesn`t matter when we`re getting some spectacular Northern Light-shows on the sky! :D At least I think is beautiful here now, it is peaceful! (not enough snow for snowmobiles/scooter to make noise everywhere) The last full moon was jsut lighting up everything, I can`t stop smiling around all the snowcrystals blinking in every direction^^ and with the darkness covering us, it`s also a natural tendency to gather people and make some good food together :) My kithen-mates finally got all gathered, to have a meal together!
Now that December is here, Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere in town! And since it`s dark all the time, all the Christmas stars and torches are just having an extra warm effect :) For the lighting of the Christmas-tree in town (yes, a real tree! :D ) a lot of people gathered, the band was playing Christmas carols, and just before the tree got lit; huge northern lights turned up above it! It was such a varm experience, and the perfect Christmas-moment! I will try to take a picture of the three, and the postbox for the Mine 2 Santa :) Thanks to Austin for the pictures!

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