tirsdag 16. oktober 2012

IceBreaker Party: Arabian Night

As always, I love the IceBreaker! As I do with all costume-parties ;) This IceBreaker came in the middle of our exam preparation, but it was definitly a nice way to get a break from all work :) and since it was Carl`s Birthday ( => Happy Birthday Carl, I hope you enjoyed it! :D) we decided to make him a sultan costume! And I would be going as his personal bodyguard^^ So with joint forces of me, Irina and Daniela I think I can say he ended up as a great sultan!
As to be expected form this theme, there was quite a lot of sheiks, sultans and bellydancers. BUt there`s always some creative minds out there, so there was also some very good costumes! :)
It was a fun night with interesting and great food, alot of costumes and games, and good mood! And if I may say so myself, I don`t think I´ve ever looked so scary before! x)

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