søndag 2. september 2012

Unexpected boattrip to Billefjorden!

I suddenly got a call one day, Daniela was asking if I had the chance to join her working in Billefjorden :) How can I say no to a free boattrip?^^ Even though I was pretty exhausted after everyting happening this summer, it turned out to be the perfect trip I needed. I don`t think I´ve ever been in the fjord while being so calm! So first a relaxing hour and a half going out, watching the mouuntains passing and listening to music, and then enjoying the view of my favourite glacier as we arrived; Nordenskioldbreen! We had some hours of taking zooplankton nets, most of them quite deep so a bit of waiting. But that was actually great! No stressing^^ it was nice sitting in the boat, lowering the net, watching the fjord, for once (in a while) not being able to do too much then and there^^
The wind eventually increased during our trip back, so while crossing Tempelfjorden we got a bit rough sea. Which for me was great! Being half-showered by ocean while hanging along on the boat, trying to keep the equipment safe, I was laughing! (That`s the scars youg et form growing up by the sea ;) And Alestorm, Luca Turili, Equilibrium and Eluveitie was the perfect company for the occasion ;)
But now that I´m back, I`m gonna have a few days of vacation from my vacation! I need to hibernate a bit to gather some strength before I can get started on being a student again ;)

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