søndag 2. september 2012

The most epic summer ever! Part 4: Dinkelsbühl, more Stuttgart and leaving Germany...

Since I´m never sure if there is a limit to amount of pictures I can upload, I still try to not hit that limit ( no clue what will happen, oh the agony!) So, a bit more from the beautiful altestadt in Dinkelsbühl :)
You`ve probably noticed; I really love these old medieval buildings! I think it is amazing to walk through streets with towers surrounded by an old citywall! Before getting ready to leave Germany, Mark and I had one last trip to Esslingen, to walk through some forest and more wineyeards :) Since we`re both heading back to the Arctic, it`s time to appreciate more all the green living things around!
And some last seightseeing of Stuttgart :)
My last evening in Germany, we were having a French-Norwegian cuisine experiment :) (yes, you read that!). Sandra, a friend of Mark, was preparing frog legs (something I actually always wanted to try!). I was making a very typical Norwegian dish; Norwegian meatballs :) and I also made my own pineapple-and-icecream dish! (an Ida Helene and Stein Egil original^^) After solely losing at a pubquiz nearby, it was backing my stuff and memories (and tonns of Germans sausages, and a wee bit of whisky) to travel bak home to the Arctic :) Traveling to Svalbard from Germany is not a easy bit... we had a whole day of waiting in Copenhagen, so we went into town to experience part of it :) We stopped by the royal palace, walked around before we found a nice place to rest in the botanical garden :)
Then we had an overnight stay in Oslo, so we played tourist around my capital for half a day :)
And we are finally back in the Arctic!
So, after 3 epic weeks in Germany, here are some things I´ve learned^^ There`s a castle or a Dome in every city There`s old Medieval villages everywhere! Bremen does not lie by the coast! (No, it doesn`t!) The weather think it does! Northern Germany is very flat (yes, I do know who`s fault that is!) Southern Germany is covered in wineyeards, and the small towns feels like they belong in Italy^^ There is oak-trees everywhere! German people know a lot about their beer! Do not, repeat! do not get into a discussion about beer unless you know what you talk about! To speak Schwabian (however it is written), add "-le" or "-chen" to words to make things sound tiny and cute^^ Baden-Württenberg is a county, but Baden and Württenberg is not the same! The people from these palces do not like each other! Do not call Bavaria a part of Germany You can take a train to everypart of Germany, and even if you travel 4 in the morning there will be at least 2 bakeries open, selling coffee and brötchen :) German bakeries put this basic natrium-based chemical on almost everything, it does taste delicious! Every August you can see falling stars in Germany! People in Germany are not used to hunters, and don`t know anything about Svalbard unless they`ve been there themselves. Hence, be careful while talking about; rifles, ammunition, hunting, hiking, glaciers and polar bears. Germans have an even more dirty humour than north-norwegians! ==> a lot of hilaroius moments! German ingeneering is great, but when they make a mistake they really make a mistake:-P There`s a lot of people in this country! Music festivals are for everyone; you can find grown-ups with kids, very old rockers, and very young people --> everyone with the same goal; to have a spectacular festival experience! Germans are very easy to become friends with! They can handle all my nerdyness and crazyness, `cause they are as nerdy and crazy as I am^^ Deutschland, ich habe mich in dich verliebt! Ich werde nach Deutschland zurück kommen!

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