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The most epic summer ever! Part 3: Stuttgart, Esslingen, Heidelbelberg, Frankfurt and Summerbreeze!

After an amazing time with Anne, Bianca, Paul and Paul, I traveled further south to Stuttgart to visit Mark! :D (Oh, and again; Thank you Svein Tore for saving my train-trip! Without all the music from you [after forgetting my ipod in my own cabin], the 6 hours alone on a train would not have been as great as it was!) So, first thing on the agenda was visitting the TV-tower to get a overview of my present location :)
and then heading for visitting a beautiful view point; The sepulchral chapel build on Württenberg hill. Build by King Wilhelm to honour the love for his wife Queen Katharina, who died at a young age. Inscription over the entrance says "Love never dies" Sounds like a truly romantic place, right? Until Mark told me that supposedly the Queen took her own life in despair of the King not being faithfull... Still a beautiful place!
Then we continued on a tour in Esslingen :) This castle-ish thing was build as a defence wall for the town, until the people realized that it was build infront of a field making it the perfect spot for an amry to sneak up on then, having the perfect spot for a surprise attack. (Even German engineers makes mistakes^^) So they build another wall behind it! Still great view from this place, and as I understood there are concerts being held here; would love to see that one day!
Then we were invited for at dinner at Kira`s place, and thank you Kira for making home-made spätzle! :D The enxt day Mark brought me (basicly in the middle of nowhere) to Ingersheim, were a BBQ was held to celebrate the birthday of two of his friends :) I also got to meet some of the guys joining us for the music festival later on. At the BBQ (in the middle of a field), we put up tents and stayed the night. And during the night sky I discovered falling stars! :D Wich is apparently very common in Germany at this time of year, but I´ve never seen so many falling stars in my life!
From Ingersheim we went straight for Heidelberg! Were we met up with Marks friend Kahn, and a Svalbardian friend from my first semester: Max!
And thanks to Max, we got an amazing guided tour in Heidelberg! We visitted Monastary-ruins, a huge outdoor amfi, a huge castle partly intact, and walked through the old town. And a deep well with a unknown purpose! In my opinion, it`s going down to the udnerearth people! (Buckle up Therese we`re going back there in darkness!) After a wonderful day in Heidelberg, me, Mark and Kahn headed towards Frankfurt. While Heidelberg is a "small" town with a lot of ancient buildings well kept, Frankfurt was one of the worst bombed cities during the war. There`s still some Medieval buildings left, but also a lot of skyscrapers! It was a strange feeling standing in a the old Dome church in Frankfurt and watching something that looks like Manhatten! (or Mainhatten, as it`s lying by the river Main). We also went by Pauls kirche/church, where the election of the first German legislative body took place.
After a quick visit to Frankfurt, we headed back to Stuttgart to prepare for the SummerBreeze festival! It`s a bit of a drive, so while me, Mark and Dani was heading towards Alex (where everyone emt up), we had a lunch break in random field (yeay, grass!^^)
I´ve really been considering myself extremely lucky to join Mark and his friends to this festival! Have to admit, in the beginning I was worried/nervous; first to hang out with all these people Mark have known for years, and then to see how much my German had advanced if people didn`t speak to much English. I was happy that I already met some of his friends at the BBQ, and discovered that I will definitly ahve a lot of fun with them! But I did definitly not need to worry! After meeting almost everyone joining our camp, we headed off towards Dinkelsbühl! With around 30 000 other people, so arriving camp took abit of time. Doesn`t matter when you have awesome people to hang out with!
and, yes; for some reason I found a merch tent selling a Norwegian flag! Feeling surprisingly patriotic and probably looking very happy, I got the flag from Ollie :D (Think I still owe you a few beers for that one!! So here you have me posing infront of my tiny, Norwegian camp at a metal festival in Germany^^
Ooh, after burning a finger on the BBQ the German redcross supplied me with an ice-pack, that probably kept me alive for the next hours: I was melting in these temperatures! I still regret that Mark didn`t put his plan to action, telling the redcross-team "She`s Norwegian! She`s not in her natural habitat, quick; find some more ice!"
And I found some Norwegians! Of course, they were part of the setlist; a band called Audry Horne! And the band-members signed my flag^^
And here`s some of the bands I got to see^^ (in random order...) Eluveitie, Audry Horne, Iced Earth, Amon Amarth, Rage, Månegarm, Darkes hour, Epica, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Subway to Sally, Six feet under, Dark tranquility, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost,+++ Alot of great concerts, moments to remember, and thanks to everyone at our camp and people I met at the festival; I had an fricken` awesome time!! :D Thanks to Mark for every thing you`ve been planning, scheduling, organising, all the wonderful places I´ve seen, the awesome people I got to meet, all our magic moments! Absolutly everything! Thanks for experiment "Let`s put Ida in my group of friends and see what happens!" Thanks to all your friends for the dinners, BBQ, drinks, laughs and crazyness! PS: If people are wondering why I haven`t put out pictures of all these awesome people I´ve met, it`s not because I don`t want to (believe me, I really want to honour everyone who made my sumemr spectacular!). It`s to respect people wishes of not having pictures published. Besides, not everything belongs on the web ;) but if there is a picture or two I´m allowed to put up, let me know and I will :) Thanks again!

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