lørdag 1. september 2012

The most epic summer ever! Part 2: Bremen, Bremerhave and Medival festival :D

Hello Germany! My first days in Bremen I was spending with Anne and her visitting mom Bianca:) Anne is one of the Svalbardian biologists I got to know up here, and I´m really happy I got the chance to see her in Germany! Me and Bianca got to play tourists in Bremen, which was lucky for me; I had a German-English translator with me on the guided tours!And thanks to Anne and Bianca for making me a typical German dinner; käsespätzle! (correct name?) One thing I definitly loved about Bremen; all the tiny, tiny old streets surorunded by medival buildings now transformed and kept to busy, small nisje shops! It was like going treasure-hunting!
After a few days with Anne and Bianca, I went to visitt Paul :D We had a BBQ with a fellow Svalbardian, Monk, who was on Spitsbergen while I was in Bergen. But Svalbardians always have at least one thing in common; we love Svalbard! :D But it is a bit strange to make Svalbardian friendships outside the archipelago^^
And Paul had an awesome schedule made out! We went kayaking on the river Lesum,had a boattrip to Bremerhaven and visitted the zoo (where I found a poor polar bear lying in the heat, I wanted to bring him back to the Arctic!). Then we went to Köln for the biggest traveling Medieval festival in the world!! :D
And we got to meet the band members of Saor Patrol! Scottish band mixing traditional Scotsch music with el-guitar and heavier drums, working to raise money to build a Medieval town in Scottland :)
When being back in Bremen, Paul`s dad was kind enough to borrow us his car, so Paul took me north to the Wattenmeer! (Merci!) And finally some real ocean! (Whatever Germans say, Bremen and Bremerhaven does not lie by the coast! :P The water is not even saline enough to call it brackish!)
And as always, being with Paul around the shore is always fun! Biologists at sea, what more can I say^^
OH, and we had another day in Bremerhaven; I had to visit my former kitchen-mate/neighbour Paul! :D After spending a day in the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven (here I found a Antarctic room with a huge iceblock, finally I temperature I could cope with in Germany! ;), we met up with Paul for icecram, dinner and a gamenight :) (btw, I love this German invention: Spagetti-icecream!)
So thank you so much Paul for absolutly everything! For taking me to so many amazing places, for a magic festival, for hours of great fun and private jokes, and my small German lessons! Looking forward to see you again, wherever that will be :D Good luck in Canada!

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