søndag 2. september 2012

I brought back a souvenir from Germany: Mark!

Germany was absolutly amazing, but I`m happy to be back in my natural living temperature! And I´m very happy that Mark joined me back to our Arctic home! And as you can see, there`s still green plants here! But the Autumn colours are catching up, but with so many beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow it`s quite a sight! And already our first day Svalbard was greeting us back with snow!
Of course we had to get out on some hikes, but the weather wasn`t exactly on our side this time. We were aiming for Trollsteinen, but with the wind and low cloud cover, we decided to go for Sarkofagen in stead. Still great getting out and up on mountains again! :D
And of course, there`s nothing like a good photoshoot when you`re out with good friends^^
Since he only stayed here for a few days, I tried to make the most of it! I gathered some of my German friends up here for a German dinner (brought back sausages, of course!) at Eike`s place. Then we helped her out training her sledgedog-team! :D We got the team hooked up on a line infront of her car, and off they went! Dragging the car and 5 people at a speed of 15 km/h (while Eike was breaking!)
And I once promised Mark to take him kayaking, so of course we tried we went on the sea :D Too much wind to really go anywere, but at least we had a taste of ocean^^
We also got the chance to meet up with old friends for a drink^^ and since Mark has managed to get me to like (German) beer (curses!), we had to go the only place on Svalbard were you get German beer on Svalbard^^ Barentz serve Erdinger Weissbier^^ and besides, after Therese and Mark had been swimming in the fjord, we deserved a drink ;) (someone needed to take pictures aswell :P)
And we managed to bump into the sound technician and guitar player from Satyricon! |m|
One of the places Mark really wanted to visit, was the Bjørndalen cabin :) So after a great dinner and movie evening with friends, we picked up the backpacks and hiked out to Bjørndalen :) Even though it was super-windy, it was an amazing hike; on our way we got to watch the upcoming sunset (second one this autumn, midnight sun is over) and sunrise :)
So, I hope you had a great time being back in the Arctic Mark! :D I`m very glad you joined me back, it`s been super-fun! Thanks for an absolutly spectacular summer! :D

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