lørdag 29. september 2012

Abruptly ending my two-week cruise...

Apparently my bad luck has not run out yet. After barely setting foot on the boat, I started to feel ill. Luckily we had no sampling the first day, so I went early to bed. And didn`t really get out of it again before my supervisor got me ashore in Ny-Ålesund to talk to a doctor. And a decision was made to send me home (back to Longyearbyen). At least I got lucky enough to get a ride with a helicopter! Something I´ve never done before :) It`s an amazing thing what a small dose of adrenalin can do, instead of sitting there feeling awful I at least got sharply awake to enjoy the trip! Helicopters are so much cooler than airplanes^^
So now I´ll try to get better before my class is back, and hope I still get a chance to finish the course.

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