lørdag 29. september 2012

Abruptly ending my two-week cruise...

Apparently my bad luck has not run out yet. After barely setting foot on the boat, I started to feel ill. Luckily we had no sampling the first day, so I went early to bed. And didn`t really get out of it again before my supervisor got me ashore in Ny-Ålesund to talk to a doctor. And a decision was made to send me home (back to Longyearbyen). At least I got lucky enough to get a ride with a helicopter! Something I´ve never done before :) It`s an amazing thing what a small dose of adrenalin can do, instead of sitting there feeling awful I at least got sharply awake to enjoy the trip! Helicopters are so much cooler than airplanes^^
So now I´ll try to get better before my class is back, and hope I still get a chance to finish the course.

tirsdag 18. september 2012

A visitor from home: Erling! :D

So finally I managed to lure someone else from home up to my Arctic home :D And the first thing I got to bring Erling to do, was to join Pernilla on a hunting trip for ptarmigans :)
We got very lucky with the weather, it was quite a sunny and warm (8 degrees, much more in the sun) day :) And we were basicly traveling through several seasons, passing fall and winter as we crossed Platåfjellet.
Since the weather got a bit worse during the days, I decided to take the trip to Bjørndalen. The cabin is always the place to be, no matter what weather :) Therese also joined, so off we went fighting the wind (and the river!) to the Cabin! (To Bjørndaaaalen and beyond!) And on the way we stopped to find the sundile.
and of course Therese had to stop for pictures showing how "small" I look next to Erling... At least she found a new Arctic hero =)
Because of all the rain lately, the river was suddenly flowing high! Me and Therese had to bite our teeth together, take off shoes and socks and cross it barefooted (yes, we are that badass! ;)
But we got quickly warm again, when I got the fire going without using any (unused) matches! Didn`t take long to before we were lying around melting^^
Windy as ever, the cabin was quite cold when we woke up. But what are great friends for?^^
On our way home again, the river went down a bit but not enough for my hiking shoes... But at least the barefooted walk woke me up!
And of course, back in Longyearbyen we had to stop by the obligatory trip to Mine 2b :)
and having some fun at the rifle-range^^
With low clouds hanging over the valley, it`s not a big point going to the high tops, but Sarkofagen is always a nice hike :)
Thomas, a former classmate of mine, is back on Svalbard so he joined. And then we bumped into half the geophysics class, so we ended up being a nice big group =)
So at least I got to show Erling a bit of Svalbard, and it`s been great having a friend from home visitting again! :D and thanks to the guys that fixed the hot tub, we could finish with style outside in the first nights! :) Now I´ll start doing what I´m supposed to be doing here (trying to be a good student;). I´m looking forward to my next course, soon going out on a 16 day cruise! Huzzah! :D