torsdag 30. august 2012

The most epic summer ever! Part 1: Haugesund

Yes, I know I usually write about the cool stuff I do in the Arctic! But this summer have been mostly based around visitting close friends I got to know on Svalbard, so it`s part of an ongoing adventure for Svalbardians :) But the only thing I do miss up on my beloved iseland, is my best friends at home! And before traveling further south (to Germany), I had to stop by my hometown to see family and friends :) So this blog post is dedicated to my best friends! Who did everything in their power to give me the most amasing, eventful time home I´ve ever had!
While looking through all the pictures from the summer at home, I ralized that most of the pictures are not suitable for showing anywere else than private x) Not even all the pictures in complete sober events should see cyberspace-daylight! Kind of prooves how awesome this summer was ;) So the pictures will be abit random from different events; Cheese & wine-tastin BBQ-ing and volleyball playing (almost) Never-ending whisky-evenings! Movie-nights & Gamenights Swimming in the (fricken cold!) Norwegian coastal water :D
Just remember (from seeing pictures of general crazyness); we are really, REALLY good friends :-P
In between all events with my friends, I also got a short chance to join my dad out fishing :) It was wonderful being back at sea! And finally seeing the largest Viking ship build in modern times! (After all, I come from one of the old Viking capitals^^)
So thanks to you all for giving me such a lovely time home! I think I got the share of crazyness I need to last the 6 months before I get to see you all again :D I had an amazing, crazy time with all of you; Thanks for a great summer! PS: If anyone feel they are missing in the pictures, it is just because I don`t think the picture should be posted openly ;)