torsdag 12. juli 2012


Now that I´m finally getting out hiking again,me and Aki were keen on getting up to Nordenskiold! Even though it`s July and practically summer, this trip was going trough all seasons! On our way up it felt like autumn; cloudy, grey, wet earth, snow-patches scattered around. When we got up on the ridge, the fjord was lit up by sun, and everything looked and felt like spring! Except Nordenskiold itself, wich was covered in snow...
So even in summer, I still got to visit the winter! :D
When we reached the top, we were almost walking in clouds. Of course, when we started hiking down again the clouds disappeared and the sun came throug! Back around the morraine of Longyearbreen, it got so warm in the sun! And while jumping around crossing the river, finding flowers everywhere, we both got a wonderful feeling of summer!

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