tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Little Auks in Bjørndalen :) + picture-hunting around Gruve 2

Since I got a sudden vacation up here, I`ve decided to get the most out of it and join as many field-activities I manage :) Last Monday, the planned fieldwork on Hiortfjellet got cancelled, but luckily I met Benny and Charlotte before they went out to Bjørndalen. They are working on the Little Auks (Alle alle) nesting there, so I tagged along :)
And of course I tried to get some good pictures of them. They`re quite eager to sit nicely and pose for you, but not that keen to show off their legs (were the marked rings are)
Otherwise they jump around from stone to stone until they disappear in their nest. (checkout the bird I got in mid-jump!)
I`m hoping to tagg along when the chicks hatch! Would be fun to see! Anyways, I´m really starting to get the summerfeeling here, especially when the sun actually come out! (Yes it`s midnight sun here, but that does not mean that it`s visible 24/7). I´m almost getting so used to cloudy/foggy being the darkest light up here, that I almost get sleepy. But then it`s awesome enjoying the sun when it peeks through! I went to the mine to get some less creepy pictures, now that the sun was actually shining through all open corners.
Lena; The creepy stairs don`t look too creepy anymore with sun peeking throug?
It`s summer! :D

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