mandag 16. juli 2012

Grumant, kittiwakechicks and more fox puppies!

It`s great to have friends doing different things! Thanks to Benny I got to join some NP guys going out to Grumant, while my parents went on a trip to Pyramiden. The Seapop group is working with different sea birds on Svalbard, and in Grumant a lot of kittiwakes are nesting in the remaining buildings. I`ve never been to Grumant before, so I was really looking forward to the trip! Thanks to CHarlotte, I also got to hold some kittiwakechicks :D They were supersoft and supercute! And with so many birds around, no wonder that there is a arctic fox den nearby. And fox puppies! So for the second time I´ve been lucky enough to se fox puppies! :D They were notreally afraid of us, they were running around, having a nap in the moss, and chewing on left-over birds lying around their then, probably having a good time!
This old remains of a miningtown is pretty much a gohst village now, it got mroe birds and fox inhabitants than human remains. So I got very surprised when I discovered some friends here! Morgan and Amanda had been kayaking out here, kind of cool to have a coffee with friends in iolated areas :)
And of course we had to investigate a little bit of the ghost-town we were working in... I liked the drawings on the wall in one of the rooms, a shame thei are just getting destroyed now. It was impressive to see how much of the building was intact compared to other parts,some of the rooms where complete ruins. and filled with dirt from birds, and hence a lot of plants flowering in the soil.
So after counting chicks, weighting them, measuring them and putting them safely back in the nest, we left Grumant in what turned to be a sunny and nice evening :) Thanks to the NP and Seapop guys for letting me join, and Benny for fixing this trip for me!

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