torsdag 12. juli 2012

Fieldwork in Hanaskogdalen

Again I was joining Martin and Charmain out in field to catch some bugs :D This time we went to the west side of Hiortfjellet, along the valley called Hanaskogdalen (were me, Benny and Ulle suddenly found a scooter track in winter 2010, without really knowing were we ended up suddenly saw Longyearbyen from a new angle :P see blogpost "Drønnbreen"). We used a small boat to cross the fjord, and at the harbour Fatso (the Bearded seal) was greeting us again :) When we went out, we were all pretty tired from the trip to Colesbay, and hiking in the weekend. The grumpy weather did not help. But while we were working, the weather cleared up eventually and it was pretty nice being out again :) We got clear sky while we were hiking up the ridge, so when we got down again to the marsh-area it felt like suddnely being in the tropics! It was warm, green and wet!
After being out in field a lot, you get a bit silly. Me and Charmain were fighting to defend the honour of our shovels (mine`s most awesome!). Until we realized we shouldn`t be fighting each other, but attack Martin who makes us carry all this stuff all day! To bad he was prepared... Just having some fun outside^^
And the reindeers are still curious! Not matter were we work! But at least we got another good look at a cute calf :)
And with this weather, my summer-feleing got back! Again! I love the fact we were crossing the fjord by boat, I need to be at sea to really feel the summer arriving! (Salt water and mountains are in my blood, can`t live without neither!) --> really looking forward to go out with my boat and kayak this summer!
Here`s also a picture of warning; Be aware of were you put out a building on Svalbard! Someone`s gonna get a big surprise when they try to find the water-skiis in their cabin-shed...
So, this was one of the last days I could join Charmain and Martin this summer (before I leave for vacation). I have to say, I´ve really enjoyed being outside, and really appreciated getting to these places I can`t normally get to (easily at least)! Had a lot of fun with you guys, so looking forward to next time! Thanks! :D

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