tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Bug-collecting at Hiortfjellet and Mälardalen

When the weather got a bit better, Martins fieldwork could go on as planned. When we got to the small boat harbour, there was a Bearded seal ( Erignathus barbatus) greeting us at the dock, waving goodbye! When we reached Hiorthamn (the old remains of the "original" Longyearbyen), it was low and dark clouds resulting in an awesome spooky mood! And after a quick picture spree at the shore, we started walking to Mälardalen to the fieldwork site :)
(Still need some training in getting good pictures in the dark, foggy light here...) But even though the weather was grey (and boring), at least we found a lof of colours on the ground! And beautiful flowers I haven`t seen before! I need to check up on the Svalbard Flora here...
This blue flower I´ve never seen at all! We only found it on one sight, quite far up on the ridge of Hiortfjellet. I got super-excited about it, I thought it was a rare thing up here! Apparently not that rare, of course... But anyway very beautiful, and different from most other plants here! It`s called Polemonium boreale or Boreal Jacob`s Ladder/ Polarflokk. The pink one above is Hairy Horsewort/ Lodnemyrklegg ( Pedicularis hirsuta)
It might seem a bit boring for you that I post so many flower-pickures, especially when there`s often just a few in each picture. But you can see from the pictures that it is quite barren up here, so every little flower is just that much more appreciated! :) I`m really looking forward to show these flowers to my parents when they come and visit :) Especially sine they`ve experienced the early spring, late fall and mid winter up here!

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