søndag 10. juni 2012

The Venus-passage (and more signs of spring)

By coincidence I happened to be lucky enough to be on Svalbard during the Venus-passage. I place with 24 hour sunlight should be the perfect place to get a view of a planet passing by the Suns surface! A lot of people showed up for this event, by the sight of the equipment put outside the hotel I´m guessing some very eager scientists took the trip up North to get a glimpse. And of course it got cloudy when the passage started! To make the time go by to see if the sky cleared up, I first took some time to have fun with the puppies someone brought to the gathering :) The adorable creature did not manage to stay up late after midnight thoug. Then I brought some friends to the dog yard, to see if the eiderducks had settled in. And it`s definitly spring up here! The eiderducks were densly packed between the two dog yeards (see how many females you can see compared to males!).One lonely King Eider was waalking between the eider ducks. Well his female companion might have been hiding somewhere, it was difficult to tell her apaprt. And the terns are back as well! Luckily they had not started hatching yet, so we did not get attacked by our way out! When we got back to town, the clouds finally cleared up and we could clearly see Venus-passage :) My friend Stuart managed to get this awesome picture of it! http://stuartthomson.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Svalbard/G0000UoWHX4oO89Q/I0000dlhFWARExlA

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  1. Kjempetøft at du fekk sett an! D va overskyet her, så fekk ikkje : (
    - Svein Tore