søndag 17. juni 2012

Summer-sampling for sea angels :D

After a lot of messages back and forth, I suddenly was told I got the chance to go sampling for some more Clione limacina :D A lot of water-sampling had been done in Adventfjorden throughout the spring, but not often was the boat big enough to bring the MIK-net (my most important tool of sampling!). So I was really happy when I suddenly got a trip on Viking Explorer to catch some more! To me, it was just great getting out again since I`m still struggling with being able to work in the lab or on a computer for an effective/significant time. But I got a little worried when a lot the parts connecting the MIK-net to the metal ring was rusty =( So hero-of-the-day; Lars (from the logistic) turned the boat upside down to find spareparts and tools, and we got the net up with all the parts needed! After a bit trawling, I caught a high amount of different animals, but not too many Clione. But at least enough to do my DNA-testing, so now I also have summer-samples! :D

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  1. hehe, Lars ser så slesk ut på det første bildet... : )