lørdag 30. juni 2012

Sankt Hans + Fieldwork in Adventdalen

Sankt Hans aften is the big bon fire event in Norway, and the Sailing club in Longyearbyen is usually hosting the event here. I was one of the volunteers in the club, so I spent most of the evening selling hot dogs and hamburgers. Until I suddenly also became the "toastmaster" of the evening :P Even though the wether was not the best, quite a lot of people turned up. A visitting boys choir was entertaining while the huge bonfire was burning, and I think everyone had a good time :) Sun did not show up, but at least it wasn`t pouring raing ( which I`m used to from home...) Since I´m still recovering from the concussion I managed to get, I´ve got a doctors order to leave my labwork be and let my brain rest. But I´m finally getting physically better, so in the need to get outdoorsy again I have volunteered to help a friend with his fieldwork :)
We went out in Adventdalen to catch some bugs. Apparently we were very interesting to the reindeers there! And for the first time I got to see reindeercalves :D
And btw, I´ve never seen the weather up here be so interchanging! We got hailed on, rained on, sunbathed and windblown, and then the whole cycle started again! So even though it`s summer here (relatively speaking), you can see we`re still dressing in goretex and with toks/hats!
Martins work on bugs brought us up in different transects in Adventdalen, and we were slowly getting on top of the mountain next to Mine 7.
And now I`m getting to my first flower pictures (of this year). It`s so nice to see colour on the ground! I`ve really been looking forward to see them again :) With all the stone-covered mountians and muddy ground, it`s really nice to be seeing flowers around :)
(a little superhuman posing on the top of the ridge)

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