søndag 17. juni 2012

Hitchiking a flight to Svea!

So thanks to Ingrid, we managed to get a ride with the flight to Svea! Store Norske Kullkompani (the mining company) have several flights going from Longyearbyen to Svea, and sometimes students are lucky enough to get a ride :) And we have a cabin in Svea, so me, Ingrid, Jaap and Sabine packed our bags for a short trip :) When we arrived, we started hiking towards the cabin (wich lays about 4-5 km away from the airport). It didn`t take long though before someone picked us up and gave us a lift! It was really nice to be out and about, just to be somewere else after all the time I`ve been staying home recovering from the concussion. And we had such lovely weather, so it was great to get to enjoy it! In the cabin we started the for-ever lasting task of getting the cabin warm (and smoking out our lungs at the same time!). We had some problems with the gas-oven, so we ended up cooking on the oven (wich is definitly not made for cooking). Waiting for ages for the food to get done and the cabin to get warm, we ended up playing Wizard Extreme for quite a long time! At least until we had to fix some more wood for the fire. By the time it took for the food to get ready, we were so hungry we didn`t really care how it was or what it tastet (or so hungry we thought it was scrumptious anyways;) I had to be back earlier than the others, so super-early the next morning I hiked back to Svea to get a flight back. I got a ride halfway, and arrived so early at the earport that barely anyone else were present. But the runway personal were there with warm coffee, so I got time to relax and get warm before flying back (it was really windy!). Even though it was a short trip, it was totally worth it! Now I can say I actually hitchike a plane ride! :D Btw; When I got home I found a surprise in my room! My neighbours Kirsteen and Paul left this as a good-bye present! Thanks for the awesome gift! Hope to see you in Scottland! :D

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