søndag 17. juni 2012

Happy Birthday Benny! + celebrating summer!

As it turned out, one of my first Svalbardian friends arrived for fieldwork this summer, and as it happens to be his birthday I had to continue the tradition from 2010; Make an epic dinner for him! Me and Marie tried to keep it secret that she would come to surprise him on his birthday, but that completely failed... And since more friends happened to be here at the same time, we had a great evening! Awesome dinner (if I may say so myself), delicous deserts, and fantastic company; what mroe can you wish for when you get older! Now that people are leaving this island for real, most people is trying to enjoy the last days as much as possible. At the same time, we need to celebrate that summer is here! So to give Øyunn a nice good-bye, we had champagne and strawberries (fresh ones! Actually tasting great!) :D

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