fredag 8. juni 2012

Celebrating finished exams (by escaping to Bjørndalen)

So, after our exam was finished and my classmates and I celebrated with a great dinner together, I packet my gear, borrowed a bike and brought my four-legged friend Happy to Bjørndalen :) We were fighting wind and a lot of rain on our way, but both me and Happy were super-excited about finally being outside! Spring ws starting to creep in to Bjørndalen, a lot of snow had melted, but the river hasn`t started to flow freely yet. After we crossed the wet tundra and slushy-snow, we sank comfortably down infront of the fire, soaking wet both of us. It was wonderful to be back in the cabin! Finally I had a chance to really relax, enjoy some peace and quiet! Most of the time I was there it was raining, but that really did not matter; A cabin is always a great place to be! And I brought good books, great food, and a good friend! While the sun came out we had a small hike outside the cabin, just enjoying the sound of all the little auks flying acrobatically around, the barnacle geese and pink-footed geese gracing, a polarfox lurking around the cabin along with a reindeer peacefully gracing :) It really was a great trip! Great way to start a summer-vacation in the Arctic! But I did get quite unlucky on the way back home... Managed to fall with the bike, and with a backpack and a rifle strapped to my back, there was enough weight to have a big impact. (not to mention the speed). So I´m currently trying to recover from a concussion, wich now have lasted for about 13 days... Getting better, but still have limited time to spend focused on things wihtout getting a headache, so I haven`t been able to start my lab work. Which really has been something I´ve been looking forward to do! Well, not much I can do about this right now. Hoping to fully recover soon, before I go mental while trying not to overload my brain!

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