søndag 6. mai 2012


The Nybyen tradition; Kitchen-to-kitchen party! This time, my corridor got turned in to an ice-cave! We cut out lots of paper-snowflakes, made icecles and the "Nybyen drink" (used to be at least) hot chocolate and mintu ;) During the K2K I also got to visit a Newspaper, a birthday-party, after-ski (as always), Mexico, the polar night (with aurora-drinks!), a saloon, and a small dig into British pop-culture (thought the spice-girls wave was finished years ago...) Anyways, it was a great night! And now my hallway is full of snow-crystal, hurray!
Now, I`m gonna enjoy the sun and powder-snow outside :D Already went up to Larsbreen on skiis today, it`s so much powder that it`s difficult to make Telemark-turns on mountainskiis x) But I`m happy I`m getting a real winter before the spring is completly setting in!

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