tirsdag 1. mai 2012

Cruising to the pack-ice!

So, for my new course up here, I will be studying flora and fauna associated with sea ice. Where better to do that, than at the ice edge on top of the world! Before we left the dock, the ship was having a small emergency-training, and me and another classmate jumped off the ship in survival suits and go picked up by the rescue boat =)
After 2 days of steaming north with RV Helmer Hansen (formerly know as RV Jan Mayen, a ship I now have spent onboard about a month in total :D ), we reached the pack ice. On our way we were lucky enough to see a small fmaily of orcas! (Killerwhales, spekkhogger :)
When we started to get in areas with ice-floes, we also found walrusses!
When we had anchored at the ice edge, we were getting ready to start our sampling. Of course a polar bear had to show up, so it took us some time to get started on the sampling. Luckily it turned out not being too interested in us, so after a while we could continue sampling. (I did not get a picture of the bear, I was busy being polar bear guard. I`ll see if I can borrow a picture from a classmate =)
(and to modify my typical "Titanic-pose" from ships, I went another direction this time: )
As I mentioned earlier, we wanted to study what lives in and close to the ice, but in our first ice station we found very little. Our ice cores turned out to have some ice algae and phytoplankton in it, but we found very little animals. The ice had actually start to melt from beneath, and we had relative warm water in the water column. So we had to try another location, so we would actually get something to work with. Preferrably something with more Arctic water beneath ;)
We did not only work in the ice, we also took a lot of net hault for catching zooplankton of different size, and phytoplankton. So we spent a lot of time in the lab, counting plankton.
(after spending so much time in the lab, you do tend to get a little bit weird ;)
Oh, and I also got some more samples for my own project! Got quite a lot actually, I´m very happy about that! For those who are (too) interested (or just curious), we of course got a lot of Calanus, krill, some jellies, Onissimus, Gammarus wilkitzkii, and other amphipods and copepods. We also found fish larvae, hermit crab larvae (which looks wicked! I`ll try to find a picture!), crab-larvae, even Clione-larvae! And for ice algae and phytoplankton we found a lot of nice diatoms (Chaetoceros, Thalassiosera, Nitzschia), cool dinoflagellates, and the awesome "gold-algae" Dictyocha speculum! (Yes, I know I´m geek, I never denied that;) And if someone actually are interested, I`ll see if I can find some pictures of these things :) On our way back to Longyearbyen, we passed Moffen, a small sand/gravel iseland inhabited by walrusses :) Everytime I´ve been around the area before, it`s been too foggy to see anything. It got foggy this time too, but it slightly cleared up as we got closer to the walruss area!
PS: I actually had an exam onboard the ship! The exam in my statistics course in Tromsø got moved, so suddenly I had no choice than take it by sattelite telephone somewhere north of 80 degrees!

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  3. Men kan finna mye kult å se på i ei lupa òg ;)