torsdag 17. mai 2012

17 Mai-feiring (Celebrating the Norwegian Constitutional Day!)

Hurra for 17 mai! :D Gratulerer med dagen alle nordmenn! :D Hilser spesielt til familie og venner, både til havs og lands og i hele verden! =D This morning I joined the memorial ceremony at the Bauta at Huset, to commemorate Einar Sverdrup and the people who fell at Svalbard druing the 2 world war. A representative from Sysselmannen (The Governor of Svalbard) held a speach before he put flowers down at the Bauta. The Longyearbyen Band played our National Anthem, and the few of us that showed up were singing :)
After the ceremony I went back to Nybyen for a traditional 17th of May breakfast :) As most families have their traditions when it comes to the breakfast/lunch, and most of us are 2000 km (or more) away from our families, we had to make or own traditional breakfast/lunch! So me and Silje made sure we had all we needed for a great meal to start our celebration, and we invited our classmates to join :) And to top it off, we had champagne and strawberries!
Of course we had to join the parade as well! It had just started when we got down to the Church, so we got to see the beginning of it before we jumped in behind the Unis banner :) The parade ended up at another Bauta, where there were more speaches, and the band again played our National Anthem :)
After the parade and speaches, the whole town went to Turnhallen (gym hall) to enjoy coffee, ice cream and home made cakes :) and the entetainment provided by the elementary school students :) (Someone had decorated the entrance with spring branches; that`s the first green leaves I´ve seen in ages!) Part of the entertainment was a lottery, we actually won! We got a DVD about the Norwegian artist Olaf Storø, a cooking book, desert bowls, and a t-shirt (guess we have to fight over that one :P)
Now I´m really looking forward to a Haugesund/family-tradition: Dronning Maud-pudding (" Queen Maud desert"). Crossing my fingers and hope I managed it again! After all, it`s my grandmothers recipe!

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