lørdag 21. april 2012

Overnight scootertrip to Fredheim

So since I won`t have time to enjoy the snowconditions after my next cruise (and with weather up here this year, there might not be any snow when I get back!), I was really eager to get out on a trip this weekend! Luckily I got hold of a snowscooter from a friend, so Silje, Øyunn and I went to a cabin at Fredheim, located along Tempelfjorden. (We used the small "emergency" cabin, which is always open). When we arrived, we had company from a couple of seals resting on the ice =) No tracks from polar bears was found though, but seals are more than enough to keep marine biologists happy ;) (according to Silje, they were bearded seals.) But it was kind of sad to see how little ice there was in the fjord! Usually at this time it`s no problem crossing the fjord by scooter, it would normally be thick and safe (and packed with seals!). We arrived late in the evening, so you can see how light is is nowdays :) (Correction, it doesn`t get dark anymore at all...) Since the cabin was quite small, we quickly heated it up, and even managed to wake up some hibernating life!
And Silje cooked a awesome vegetable stew topped with beacon (yes, life in the arctic is harsh..). I loved the cabin! It doesn`t really matter where a cabin is or how it looks like, you always feel at home in a cabin :) or at least I do! And it was great getting out and about abit, before we leave for our next cruise! Most of our night we spent cooking, relaxing, playing quiz-games, and just enjoying some piece and quiet. After a awesome breaksfast of toasted cheese-sandwiches, Silje and Øyunn went ski-jumping. I worked hard as their paparazzi:)
And it`s been so fun drivin a snowscooter again! :D That`s definitly one thing I´ve really missed while I´ve been away! And this scooter had much more power than the one I used to have (which has now been sold), so it was great speeding up a bit in Sassendalen (or for once be able to keep the allowed speedlimits, at least).
I`m really glad I got the chance to get on a scooter trip before my cruise, but now I´m really looking forward getting on the boat tomorrow! I´m super-excited to go to the ice-edge! It is basicly the top of the world! It´s gonna be unrealistic and amazing to be sampling at the ice, I´m really hoping to get some own samples!

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