lørdag 14. april 2012

I`m finally home again!

When I left Svalbard in beginning of January, after a wonderful Christmas and New Years up here, I had a few days in my hometowm before I went to Tromsø. I had a great time with my best friends home! I was so happy we managed to have some movienights, dinners, and in advanced celebrated my birthday with a LEGENDARY Keltic evening!
While I´ve been in Tromsø I´ve been working with a statistic class for my masters, and had a mandatory safety course. The most fun about the safety course was when I did the part for safety onboard ships (for scientific cruises), when I got to try to get out of a smoke-filled building, and put down fires during the firedrill. And it`s always fun to get to drive a zodiac!
I also started on a new Padi course to become a divemaster, I learned how to telemark, met some really cool new people, and really good friends I´ve met on Svalbard :) when I arrived Tromsø I really hoped to get out to skii alot, but like most of Norway it`s been a lousy winter... Still, I had some fun at the Alpine center, even though only the smallest slope was open. It´s amazing how much fun you can have while trying to learn telemarking on cross country skiis, I haven`t fallen that much since I was 5! (Thanks to Therese for capturing our eagerness!)
But I´m glad Tromsø has prepped tracks! It`s been great getting out, and most evenings I could just step outside the light and watch the aurora dance in the sky! I´ve also been to a couple of bonfires with my friends, and we`ve been so lucky with the aurora these nights! It´s been huge! It doesn`t amtter that I´ve seen it many times before, I think it`s still as amazing and magical everytime I see it lit up the sky! (Thanks to Mario and Renate for eltting me use the pictures!)
I`ve actually been diving more than skiing :) Both with the course I just started, and the student diving club :) It was great getting back in the water! And it`s been so cool to finally test my own equipment! I was lucky enough to join the student dive club to a trip to Narvik, where we visitted shipwrecks from World War 2. All the wrecks are now protected as historical artifacts, but we got permition to go diving there. This has deifinitly been a trip to remember! Diving at the shiprwrecks was an extremely cool experience, the mood was surrealistic and intense! And with so many great people on the trip, I had a great time both in water and on land!
Since some of mye friends have asked me about my office (after they discovered I decorated it with pictures of them), I´m also attaching some pictures of this. And I´ve been really happy with my view! (haha,no I´´m not joking!) Svalbard doesn`t have any trees, so it`s been fun putting up birdfood and watch small birds and ptarmigans outside my window :)
During my Easter Holiday I went to Telemark to my family`s cabin at Rjukan =) It was great being back again! I haven`t been able to spend Easter there for 4 years! The snow conditions was non-excisting, the snow was just a solid lump of ice. Made it very easy to go hiking though, so it was great getting up in the mountains with my dad! Not all days was sunny and nice though, but I had to work with some schoolstuff, and I anyway got to relax, which was just what I needed. And of course I´ve been getting spoiled with my parents cooking! =D
But now I´m finally back in my true home; Svalbard! :D I´m finally where I want to be, and where I belong! And I´ve been so supprised to see so many familiar faces here! Both from last semester, my first semester, visittors that have been here before, it´s been great seeing everyone again! :D One of the first things I did when I arrived (after unpacking the enourmous amounts of luggage...) I overtook my office desk again and decorated it with all the pictures, drawings and gifts I´ve been getting from my friends! There shall be no doubt that I`m planning to stay here for a long time! Now I´m planning to stay here until I finish my master, sometime in June 2013! I really hope I´m having some epic experiences ahead of me! I´m looking forward to the courses and cruises I will have here, hope for some great hikes, trips, kayaking, diving, kayak polo, and seeing old friends and getting to now new ones! And this time I´ve been equipped with Martins camera (with his permission!), so hopefully I will have some great pictures to put up on my blog! With his camera and my 16 gb memory-card, this is bound to be a success! Thanks to all the great people I`ve met in Tromsø for all the cool moments! :D I hope to see you again! Svalbard, I am home! :D

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