onsdag 18. april 2012

Back on Larsbreen!

The weatherconditions have been getting a bit boring after I got back up, it`s been completely flat light (and a bit windy). But when Silje asked if I wanted to join a short skiing trip on Larsbreen, of course I could not resist :) So finally I got to go skiing again! And recently it`s been snowing for short periods, so it was nice conditions for telemarking :) Because fo the clouds we did not get to see the sunset, only the pink-ish light from it. This will be the last days wit sunset, soon there will be only midnight sun! I can already feel that the light is messing up my head, especially since last time I was here it was constant night! But I guess I will get used to it soon =) It will be practical though to have light all day and night when I leave for my next cruise this Sunday :) It will be very easy to work on the ice-edge when we have constant light!

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