søndag 1. januar 2012

First adventure of 2012: Skiing with dogs in Adventdalen!

So finally me and Niklas managed to get out on a skiing trip together, something we talked about for a long time now! And we brought with us Happy (siberian husky) and Credo (greenland dog), so it wasn´t really as much skiing as dog-racing!

We went at least past Endalen, maybe also Todalen (difficult to say in the dark!), and it was of course superfast thanks to the dogs!

Awsome start of the year!

Happy New Years! :D

This New year was amazing!

I started the day with a hike over Platåfjellet, the conditions where great! Stars shining, almost no wind, the snow was wind-packed so great for hiking! We came across 3 reindeers on the top, and a family with kids hiking up to go by slege down again! Otherwise we had the mountain to ourselves :)

I started on the New Years dinner when I got home, the menue this year was: Self-picked chantarelle and self-caught reindeer by Øyunn, served with creamed potatoes with karamelized red onion and vegetables! A spectacular dinner! (If I may say so myself! * Oh, I did!*)

After dinner we went out to the slope of Sukekrtoppen, out of reach for streatlights and enjoyed the fireworks! I haven`t seen Sukkertoppen bathed in so much light since October! (and the last sun beams!) And we welcomed the New Year with a toast of Champagne (or at leasty bubbly white wine) which was a gidt form my mom!

We ended our New year celebration by making awesome sandwiches with home made bread (gift from the Unis librarian :) smoked salmon (brought by my family), scrambled eggs and shrimps, and enjoying the rest of the champagne! We didn`t really feel like students today ;)

Happy New Years everyone! I wish you all an amazing, wonderful 2012!

Hugs, Ida Helene :D