torsdag 8. desember 2011

Rediscovering the morraine cave!

Well, Nybyen is getting more and more emty now that the Bachelor students are finishing up their semester here... Before some of my friends completely left the island (for now, at least), I wanted to take them to the morraine cave of Longyearbreen. (The plan was to spend a night there, but the planned day for this had such intense wind and we were too exhausted to start moving outside in that). We (Erica, Bart and myself) skiied over to the morraine, since I`ve managed to promise Bart to teach him to skii. Once again I was faced with the task of trying to teach something that I´ve done since I was a kid, and don`t really think about what I do while actually doing it... so not the best teacher, but I hope you enjoyed the ski-trip Bart!)

Because of latly fallen snow and wind, the entrance was completely snowed in. So we had to start poking with probes and digging to try to find it!

After quite a lot of digging (there was so much snow in the slope!), we finally found it! Awesome prize for all that work :D (no, I never get tired of this cave) And this time there were much more ice crystals inside! :)

Until we see each other again; Fare well! And many, many hugs!

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