torsdag 15. desember 2011

Cruising with the Coast Guard!

Yes, I got lucky enough to join a field cruise with the Norwegian Coast Guard!

There`s not alot of boats out in the fjords at this time of year, not all the boats are build to handle the ice that may appear! So since KV Svalbard was up here for a small trip, we got the chance to use it for a couple of days in field!

Sampling zooplankton (and any remains of phytoplankton) is very difficult at this time! I was superexcited that I got to join, together with my supervisor, 2 post-docs and 2 PhDs =)

The vessel is much bigger than any vessel I´ve been on for scientific sampling, it was such a luxury to have so much space on deck! With all the guys on board doing their sivil service (privates), and the officers in charge, we got so much help with equipment and sampling! We got kind of spoiled! xD It was really fun working with all these great guys, so I definitly had a good time!

Of course we didn`t get spoiled only by helping hands on deck, the food was delicious! Don`t think the mariners have a hard time on this boat =) Since we were guests, we were dining with the officers, not sure how many people my age have actually been eating in there =P And we could also use the officers lounge (befal stue) when we had a break, but I thought it was more fun to stay in the privates lounge (menig stue) =)

Not only did the sampling go well, but we were so lucky while we were out! In Billefjorden we had such calm waters, and completly clear sky! The moon was so bright, we could see all the beautiful snowcovered mounatins in the middle of the darkness! On top of this, there was a big Aurora Borealis covering the fjord, AND we saw the meteorshower! How cool is that!

When we got back to Adventfjorden, we still saw a lot of meteors! And I finally caught a lot of my beloved sea angels! The offisers were teasing me, cause suddenly I was jumping up and down with a big smile over my face! :D

All in all I got 3 nights at KV Svalbard, we had some very long days and alte nights with sampling, but we got all we hoped for! =)

But I´m sure gonna miss having so many mariners around me! ;)

Btw: KV Svalbard is now celebrating the 10th year anniversary, so Happy Birthday!

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