lørdag 31. desember 2011

Christmas on Svalbard =)

When I finally finished all the work I needed to be done with before my vacation, I was really glad I got invited to a BBQ Svalbard style by the Niklas and Cara! Perfect way to start a holiday ;)

And a few days later, my family arrived Svalbard! And they brought loads of Christmas food! And who else in the world other tha my parents, could do something like bringing a Christmas Tree to Svalbard! Me and Øyunn didn`t manage to get one before they got sold out, so incredibly, my parents brought one! And presents! I thought that my family coming to Svalbard would be this years present, but they also brought a bunch of christmas presents! (Thanks for all the nice gifts everyone!)

So I had a lovely Christmas Eve with my family, Øyunn, and Happy! With dad`s amazing Christmas dinner, walking around the chistmas tree, too much candy and cookies! My family also brought snacks for the dogs :) So I think both the two-legged and the four-legged had a nice Chistmas in the Arctic :)

Now I´m looking forward to see fireworks in the polar night! :D

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