torsdag 15. desember 2011

Christmas is drawing closer =)

As Christmas is drawing closer, the town has been decorated for the occasion. Since we`re now in complete polar night, all the Christmas lights and stars are shining clear all day!

Of course the santa (or Nisse) living in Mine 2 have put up his postbox, so I´ll have to remember to get down and put in my wishes =)

I am really looking forward to spend Christmas up here! I will miss my friends at home, but since I´m living so far North I got good connections to Santa, so hopefully my friends will not feel forgotten over the hollidays =)

But my family is coming to visit! So I´m looking forward to spend a nice, quiet Christmas with my family and a close friend that we will stay with =) We`re gonna be baysitters for a couple of dogs, so I´m pretty sure this will be a great holliday! (And I´m also gonna be babysitters for some fish and a hermitcrab over Christmas =P)

So, before some more people left the Iseland, I`ve been giving a few more skiing lessons, and another tour to the morraine-cave (which is getting cooler and cooler, the ice crystals inside are growing!)

I`m wishing everyone at home a great Christmas!

Oh, and we had a lubnar eclipse the other day! With the fullmoon being the only light we actually have now, the eclipse was a pretty spectacular sight! It definitly got even darker when the moon was fully covered by the shadow from the earth!

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