tirsdag 29. november 2011

As the nights are getting longer...

Now it`s starting to get some time since the last time I actually saw the Sun, Nybyen almost seem to get ready for hibernation. This might not just be because of no daylight, more to the fact that most people get closer to their exam. But I kind of like the darkness! This might have something to do with the fact that I`m not reading for any exams presently, knowing myself well enough to realize I would get quite depressed and demotivated reading while it`s completely dark outside. But now I truloy enjoy watching the stars and the snow covered mountains and the amazingly fresh winter air while walking to and from school! And of course it`s much easier to spot the Northern Lights when it`s properly dark! And now it`s getting closer to Christmas, so lights have been lit in town, the tree have been lit on the "marketplace", and Christmas stars are hanging in the windows!

Of course the darkness tend to make people stay abit more inside, but it`s just the perfect excuse to gather some friends to play a game, watch a movie, bake or make good food, or one of my favourites: Have a Whiskey-Tasting evening! (Btw, I´m kind of proud to say that 4 of the 9 bottles in the picture belong to me! It`s almost starting to become a habit of mine, being the perosn who bring the most flasks to the table, which I do take pride of! Even though it might be an expensive habit to keep up... But! The Penderyn was a gift from Owen, who brought it from Wales! Dangerous to get a new favourite that is hard to come by, gives me another good argument for visitting my friends in Wales one day!)

Oh, and someone got a brilliant idea: I think they`ve left the office for vacation or something, but noticed the picture of the polar bear teddy? There`s a HUGE polar bear teddy lying sleeping all over an office desk downtown! It`s brilliant! Can`t help but smile everytime I see it!

Anyways, I´ve been pretty busy in the lab, trying to learn the lab procedures I need to know for my thesis work, so I haven`t been outside too much. But since I´ve promised Owen to ski with him (simce spring 2010!), and he happened to come up again for a short, intensive course, we had to go skiin! Jone, who also stayed at Svalbard in spring 2010 and attended this intensive optics course, joined us aswell =D So off we went with headlamps (although the light pollution from town was almost enough) and student equipment-skiis (!) up to Longyearbreen! And the snow was just perfect! Amazing powder-conditions! We couldn`t have asked for better conditions, I´m really the snow was so good when I finally could try to keep my promise!

So I hope you enjoyed the ski-trip Owen! And thanks for joining Jone! We have to repeat it when you`re back again! :D

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