mandag 24. oktober 2011

Lena`s last night one Svalbard: Spent in a cave!

So, after tyring to do as much fun as possible during Lena`s visit, we were kind of exhausted on Sunday! But of course we had to do something cool before Lena left! So after sleeping in, we made hot choclate and watched Nightmare Before Christmas :D Then, kayakpolo time! And a nice dinner at huset :)

But our main plan for the day was to sleep inside the morraine cave of Longyearbreen! So we found some good sleeping mats, packed our sleeping bags and warm clothes, and hiked to the morraine in the evening :) It´s always so peacefull staying inside the cave, it`s so quiet and dark; perfect for sleeping! And no, we didn`t get cold during the night :)

This morning we packed our things, and went home and made a good breakfast :)

I had an awesome time with Lena up here, I missed her so much! And I can`t believe she`s gone, my room feels so empty now! But we definitly got to do a lot of cool stuff, so it`s been an amazing week!

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