mandag 17. oktober 2011

IceBreaker Autumn 2011 Under the Sea

What is the perfect opportunity for Marine biology students to celebrate their end of exams? The IceBreaker party with a Under the Sea theme!

I`m really glad that the IceBreaker happened the day after our exam, so most of my classmates could actually join in before they have to leave!

I don`t think Unis ever had a whole shipwrecked Pirate Ship inside the cantina before! Awesome job by the decorators :) And as always, a lot of awesome, creative costumes appeared! we had deep water anglerfish, jellyfish, anemonees,blue mussel,nudibranchs, waves, a lot of shipwrecked people, Sponge Bob!, pirates,a CTD, and some fish nets walking around trying to catch people! Personally I´ve taken my Clione-nerd to the next level and went as, of course; a sea angel! (With devil horns, cause some of them have that aswell;)

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