mandag 24. oktober 2011

Hiking on Longyearbreen

Saturday morning we had to get out hiking, it was so nice outside! We went for a hike on Longyearbreen glacier. We were not sure what to expect, because it had been snowing but it had also been quite windy, so we brought crampons just incause. We ended up walking on snow, but luckily not too deep or loose. We wanted to see if the ice cave was open, but the melt water channels (which is what the ice caves actually are) where not covered in snow yet. But it was still a really nice hike, and it was great to get out even though we slept a bit long.

On our way down again we checked the morraine cave, which was frozen so we had a trip inside :) But it wasn`t completely closed, the second entrance was much bigger than the normal entrance! Suddenly we found ourselves stadning, looking out on a high cave wall above us!

After the trip we made sushi for dinner! It`s about time I get started with the sushi-cooking again in Nybyen, it`s always so much fun!

And after dinner we were celebrating my neighbour Patricks birthday! (Who also joined us for the hike on the glacier!) So finally the first big kitchen-party! (Dubstep-party, can`t really say I was too happy about that music....)

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