søndag 30. oktober 2011

Halloween at Firday Gathering :D

Even though Halloween is not before Monday, of course we had to use the opportunity to have a Friday Gathering with Halloween theme! :D And of course I never let go of a chance to dress up ;)

Lorna helped me out a bit with the makeup, and after I was done I had fun putting make up on a couple of others too. I`m glad I did, cause we were almost the only ones who bothered to dress up, but it was a great FG anyways! And I was very happy with quickie Joker-dress up!

In honour of Marie, who carried a carved pumpkin all the way up to Nybyen last year (to cheer me up while being sick), I had to get this pumpkin too! So when I woke up the next day, this pumpkinhead was smiling to me^^

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