søndag 30. oktober 2011

Walking in my winter wonderland

After a couple of days of slight pluss degrees (and soap-slippery ground!), it finally got minus degrees and started snowing again :) I`m hoping it will stay cold a bit now, because whene verything is melting and slippery it`s not really nice to be outside here. So with all the lovely snow finally falling again, I had a small walk around the morraine of Longyearbreen. (I wanted to get up to Platåfjellet, but the wind increased so it was just a short walk).

Oh, and the days are definitly soon disappearing! We hadn`t had sunlight down in town for a bit more than a week, and soon the sun won`t get over the mountaintops at all! I hope I can get out to see the last sunset!

Halloween at Firday Gathering :D

Even though Halloween is not before Monday, of course we had to use the opportunity to have a Friday Gathering with Halloween theme! :D And of course I never let go of a chance to dress up ;)

Lorna helped me out a bit with the makeup, and after I was done I had fun putting make up on a couple of others too. I`m glad I did, cause we were almost the only ones who bothered to dress up, but it was a great FG anyways! And I was very happy with quickie Joker-dress up!

In honour of Marie, who carried a carved pumpkin all the way up to Nybyen last year (to cheer me up while being sick), I had to get this pumpkin too! So when I woke up the next day, this pumpkinhead was smiling to me^^

mandag 24. oktober 2011

Lena`s last night one Svalbard: Spent in a cave!

So, after tyring to do as much fun as possible during Lena`s visit, we were kind of exhausted on Sunday! But of course we had to do something cool before Lena left! So after sleeping in, we made hot choclate and watched Nightmare Before Christmas :D Then, kayakpolo time! And a nice dinner at huset :)

But our main plan for the day was to sleep inside the morraine cave of Longyearbreen! So we found some good sleeping mats, packed our sleeping bags and warm clothes, and hiked to the morraine in the evening :) It´s always so peacefull staying inside the cave, it`s so quiet and dark; perfect for sleeping! And no, we didn`t get cold during the night :)

This morning we packed our things, and went home and made a good breakfast :)

I had an awesome time with Lena up here, I missed her so much! And I can`t believe she`s gone, my room feels so empty now! But we definitly got to do a lot of cool stuff, so it`s been an amazing week!

Hiking on Longyearbreen

Saturday morning we had to get out hiking, it was so nice outside! We went for a hike on Longyearbreen glacier. We were not sure what to expect, because it had been snowing but it had also been quite windy, so we brought crampons just incause. We ended up walking on snow, but luckily not too deep or loose. We wanted to see if the ice cave was open, but the melt water channels (which is what the ice caves actually are) where not covered in snow yet. But it was still a really nice hike, and it was great to get out even though we slept a bit long.

On our way down again we checked the morraine cave, which was frozen so we had a trip inside :) But it wasn`t completely closed, the second entrance was much bigger than the normal entrance! Suddenly we found ourselves stadning, looking out on a high cave wall above us!

After the trip we made sushi for dinner! It`s about time I get started with the sushi-cooking again in Nybyen, it`s always so much fun!

And after dinner we were celebrating my neighbour Patricks birthday! (Who also joined us for the hike on the glacier!) So finally the first big kitchen-party! (Dubstep-party, can`t really say I was too happy about that music....)

Yay, Lena came to visit me! :D (Again!)

When Lena can`t be in her home in Australia, she comes to the Arctic! :D (read: home in the same way Svalbard is my home:)

Since I suddenly got thrown on a boat for 2 days when Lena just arrived, Lena got to join a trip up Platåfjellet to Varden with Lene and her visittor Aina :) While I was packing my zooplankton equipment, Lena got a awesome hike in beautiful weather! But I think Lena got a bit homesick when she discovered a kangaroo-sign up here!

But after my mini-cruise, we hiked to Sarkofagen :) You can probably see by the pictures that we had a lot of fun photo-shooting during the hike!

And of course the perfect way to relax after a hike is enjoying the fire at Firday Gathering ;)

PS: I have no idea what started to happen with the order of the pictures now, they don`t come up the way I upload them...